Tracking of Military Spy Balloons

Military spy balloons have the specification and flight characteristics of all other balloons except that they have on board surveillance drones, weapons, special navigation aids, radio communication devices, navigation systems for controlling course, speed and altitude.

Here is the theory, facts and applications for tracking of spy and non-spy balloons:

  1. History of ballooning
  2. History of military ballooning
  3. High-altitude balloons
  4. Observation balloons
  5. Weather balloons
  6. Balloon Map System
  7. 2023 Chinese balloon incident
  8. Balloon tracking application
  9. Balloon Radar application
  10. Hot air balloon tracking system
  11. Tracking Google loon balloons
  12. US developed method to track China’s spy balloon fleet within last year

Spy balloons tracking specs

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