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IMPORTANT: Map above shows airlines with the following ICAO codes: BCS, ABR, GTI, ABX, ATN, SOO, DHX, DHK, DAE, DHV, JOS, DHL, ABW, ICL, CJT, CKK, FDX, LCO, GEC, NCA, PAC, TAY, UPS, VLO, FPO, ADB, CLX, SQC, VDA, BGA.

Cargo Airlines Name - ICAO Number
Air Bridge Cargo - ABW
Airbus Transport International - BGA
Antonov Design Bureau - ADB
Cargo Air Lines - ICL
Cargojet Airways - CJT
Cargolux - CLX
China Cargo Airlines - CKK
DHL International - DHX
Europe Airpost - FPO
FedEx Freight Cargo - FDX
LAN Cargo - LCO
Lufthansa Cargo AG - GEC
Nippon Cargo Airlines - NCA
Polar Air Cargo - PAC
Singapore Airlines Cargo - SQC
TNT Airways - TAY
UPS Air Cargo - UPS
Varig Logistica - VLO
Volga-Dnepr Airlines - VDA