Flight TK15 Turkish Airlines Bomb

Turkish Airlines Flight TK15 - Bomb Threat

Photo album of the landing, flight data, flight history video

Geo Coordinates of landing: Latitude:  Latitude: 32.7281 / Longitude: -7.9768
Radar at the place of landing: T-LEJR2, Aircraft Registration: TC-JJN (Tail Number)
Aircraft Type: Boeing 777-3F2 (ER), Squawk: 7700

Video of the Flight Path and Landing Area

Flight TK15
Flight TK15 - The Plane
Flight TK15 Passengers
The Passengers that have been evacuated from the plane.
Flight TK15 Bomb Threat
Ambulances, Police and other officials.

Photo credit: Sergio Santos - @sergio3s

Bomb threat on board Turkish Airlines flight #TK15 from Istanbul (IST), Turkey to Sao Paulo (GRU), Brazil 30/March/2015.
The plane  landed safely at Casablanca. According to Brazilian press the authorities in Morocco didn't find anything on board the plane at Casablanca airport after the thorough search. 

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